New advances in information technology have dramatically improved the efficiency of marketing techniques. With social media, search engine optimization, and viral videos, upstart companies can promote products to the most relevant consumers. Also, the low cost of these new techniques allows companies of all sizes to launch website marketing campaigns. With compelling content and careful use of product placement, consumers are offered useful commercial services in a non-confrontational manner.

The Basic Features of an Effective Website Marketing Campaign

When marketing products online, it is important to create a broad and interactive presence. Building a website is just the first step. An effective online marketing campaign requires constant backlinking, valuable content for end-users and a social media buzz. Luckily, these goals can be realized with inexpensive techniques.

Backlinks, Press Releases, and Search Engine Optimization

On the internet, algorithms drive traffic to websites. Search engines determine the relevance of sites based on some details. However, backlinks can be used to create the impression that many users associate a specific company with targeted keywords. For example, some companies do this by submitting a variety of articles to websites with a low barrier of entry. When a third-party blogging site features articles with specific keywords and a backlink to a company’s official web page, search engine crawlers will recognize the association. However, it is important to use valuable content. Search engines can tell when useless text is being submitted to manipulate rankings. Proper product placement should occur on the company’s website rather than on the articles themselves. Select important keywords to use in blogs, viral video description fields, and the company’s website. Consistent use of specific keywords will result in associations in search engines.

Search engines can tell when useless text is being submitted to manipulate rankings


Press releases serve as an excellent way to get additional backlinks. News blogs and websites often carry relevant submissions. Since the world wide web has a 24-hour news cycle, any press release has the potential to be featured on countless websites. These submissions will increase a company’s prominence in search engine rankings.

Viral Videos, Social Media, and Brand Engagement

With savvy use of product placement, authentic user feedback can promote new releases to entire social networks. Compelling and entertaining viral videos can be outfitted with backlinks to drive massive traffic to a website. Social media marketing tools allow customers to discuss products. Since people trust the opinions of friends, a modern website marketing campaign should encourage the submission of feedback to social networking websites. The company’s official site can offer interactive tools like polls, forums, and user pages to draw repeat visitors.

The Pace of an Effective Website Marketing Campaign

The most powerful website marketing campaigns provide useful content to the consumer on a regular basis. Informative articles, entertaining viral videos, and interactive promotions draw new customers to product placement links. A consistent pace will yield the most productive results. A contemporary marketing effort should provide as much content as possible. When initiating a website marketing campaign, use compelling content, social media, and smart product placement to create a buzz.

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