Many of us today tend to devote a majority of our time and energy to our professions. Sometimes this is due to an individual’s intense desire to succeed. Other times it is due to overwhelming responsibility looming over our heads.

Still, other times it is simply due to getting caught up in our daily tasks without questioning what our real priorities should be. This is very unsettling. You don’t have to be a psychologist to understand the repercussions here. Home life has a tremendous potential to deteriorate if left on the back burner. Some times, we just need to be reminded that ignorance is not always bliss.

The flip side of this equation is that some of us lean the other way, devoting our energy to our families and neglecting our professional roles. This, too, can be undermining to our overall quality of life. If we have chosen to be in the work force, we must contribute what is expected of us. To do less is not only a disservice to the company, but also to each one of us. We all have a duty to apply our full potential in all that we do.

The key here is to find that enviable state where work and life are balanced, and then remain therejames chenier

Although this is not as easy as it sounds, it is attainable. For starters, sit down and list what is important to you, and be honest.

Decide where your true balance lies. We are not all equal and do not all have the same definition of balance. Next, put your words into action. Reorganize your time, if necessary, and stick to your guns. It may not feel normal at first, but don’t let this deter you. Months or years of routine may have trained you to be comfortable with your unbalanced life. Finally, realize that work-life balance is an on-going process.

It is easy to revert back to old schedules and routines without conscious effort. Remain aware of your present situation and make changes accordingly. Your mind, body, family, and business will all thank you for doing so.

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