The real key to success in any small business is to find an underserved niche. This success formula applies to the catering business just as it does to any other successful entrepreneurial pursuit. If you’re considering starting a catering business from home and are short on money, finding a niche will not only reduce your overhead but also increase your chances of success. Instead of spending money on advertising your catering business in expensive, general publications, you can target in on your market like a fine tuned laser.

Need some ideas on how to find a good catering niche? Here are some suggestions.


Focus on catering special types of events.

Instead of being a general caterer, become the best at catering a particular type of event. For example, focus your catering business on catering weddings, bachelor parties, or bachelorette parties. In this manner, you can target your advertising towards brides-to-be Do this by forming alliances with bridal studios and taking out small ads in wedding oriented publications.

Another niche you could target is providing catering services to pharmaceutical reps.
Pharmaceutical reps frequently use catering services to provide lunches for doctor’s office. Focus on getting your business card in the hands of as many drug reps as possible and emphasize that catering to the special needs of drug reps is the primary mission of your business. This is sure to put a smile on their face.

Other niches you could target include catering to religious groups, particular clubs or organizations, or specific types of outdoor events. Keep in mind that just because you target a particular market it doesn’t mean you can’t accept other catering jobs. This tactic just helps you focus your marketing efforts.

Focus on types of cuisine.

When starting a catering business from home, it’s a mistake to be too diversified with your menu options. Offering a little bit of this and a little bit of that will make it difficult to brand yourself. Become the best Italian food catering service in town or the best caterer for Mexican food. People will know when they want to have Italian food or Mexican food catering at their next event, you have the best available.

Other specialty catering niches

There are lots of caterers who can provide traditional American food but how many caterers specialize in vegetarian or vegan catering? Sure, your market will be smaller but your customers will also be more passionate about your services. Plus, you may be the only one in your area offering this type of specialty catering service.

How about a catering business from home that focuses on providing healthy food such as low fat or low carbohydrate care? There are so many people watching what they eat these days that this kind of focus can be very successful.

How about focusing on kosher foods? A lot of attention to detail goes into preparing kosher food and people are more likely to use your services over a competitor if this is your specialty.

The bottom line? If you’re considering starting a catering business from home, spend some time exploring the niches that are underserved in your local area and then focus, focus, focus. You’ll increase your chances of success immensely.

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