Do you feel like your smartphone is getting slower with each passing day? Does it seem as though apps that used to run smoothly and quickly now drag on with mind-numbing load times? Chances are that your phone can still be returned to its former glory, but you may need to change your usage habits to increase performance.

Remove animated wallpaper.

Running live or especially interactive wallpapers can slow down your phone significantly


Though your wallpaper might be the last thing that comes to mind when thinking of your phone’s performance, it could be playing a role in your phone’s decline. Running live or especially interactive wallpapers can cut into your phone’s RAM and damage its performance, even when your home screen isn’t displayed. In the end it comes down to appearance or performance, and performance should be the main priority.You should also consider disabling screen animations, such as menu fades, to speed your phone up.

Download a cache clearing app

There are a ton of options when it comes to cache clearing apps, so search your app store for the one that is most attractive to you. Some of them might include a widget for quick access, but this feature isn’t critical. A cache cleaner will erase the little bits and traces of memory being used by apps that you have closed but are still running. Think of cache memory as the “crumbs” of your phone; you’ve eaten the meal but the traces are still there. If you are like many you simply press the “home” button and leave apps running in the background of your phone. Many cache cleaners can be set to automatically clear your cache memory on a schedule, provided you aren’t using your phone at the time.

Unclutter your home screen

You know the saying; mother knows best. And just like your mom nagging you to clean your room when you were growing up, your phone’s performance decline could be its way of nagging you to clean your home screen. Don’t just leave a shortcut to every app you download on your home screen, the clutter can take up RAM and lead to slowdowns. Only put widgets that you actually use on your home screen; if you aren’t using it once a day or more, there’s no need for quick access. Widgets take up tons of RAM with periodic auto-updates (which also use up data).

Remove unused applications

Going to the app store can be a bit like a trip to the local toy store, except even better because so many of the apps are free. It can be easy to “hoard” apps like your weird aunt hoards TY beanie babies, but don’t go overboard. Make sure to periodically go through your apps and delete anything you haven’t used in over two weeks. If you do break down and need a fix of Running Fred, you can always go download it again. Your phone runs best when it has plenty of memory, both RAM and internal storage, freed up.

If you follow these steps that old pack mule in your pocket just might become the mustang it once was. Keep on top of all of these steps- doing them once will only cause the problem to come back. If you have completed all of these steps and a serious performance issue persists it might be time for an upgrade.

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